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Resolve trauma and blocks now

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Anyone who has attempted to change deep seated patterns, childhood traumas or unexplained fears will quickly realise that it is a complex process, with complete healing often alluding us.

I have spent much of my adult life deeply examining my internal processes, seeking to be free of those ways of being that are not serving myself or my life. This process of discovery led me to Shamanic Healing which seeks to call back traumatised or damaged soul parts, whether they are from childhood, past life or ancestral origins. The pursuit of being rid of certain parts never works and what we need for resolution to occur is for those parts to be seen, heard and then given the healing and understanding they need. Then they can return to us complete so they can integrate with us now. A shamanic healer journeys with or on behalf of their client to the time and place where trauma occurred. Supported by spirit helpers, they find the origin of the issue so it can be brought back into the present time where it can be liberated and updated to a new healthy way of being.

After working on my own life and with many clients spanning 20 years, I see the main underlying areas that cause long standing unhealthy patterns or repeated life challenges stem from three main areas - childhood, past life and ancestral.

So I will take a closer look at each one of these things.

Childhood wounds or the Inner child as it is often referred to, is on the surface for most people and often the first area I would examine in a session. As adults we have often become quite rational saying things like, 'My childhood was fine' or 'I'm over that now' and yet the patterns continue. Simply, you might be over it but your inner child isn't and what you perceive to be fine as an adult may have been truly traumatising for you as a child. A simple example of this was a client who came to me and was so scared of what other people thought of her, it crippled her ability to make friends and be as capable as she could have been in the workplace. She had been badly bullied at school and although she had now forgiven her bullies, this rationalising still didn't shift her experience as an adult. We had to locate the scared little girl within and give her all the tools and insights she needed to cope at that time, bringing her inner child back fully into the present now. This client had follow up work to do of speaking with her inner child daily and continuing to meet her needs in a way she hadn't before. This shifted a long standing pattern and she noticed a new found confidence.

Past life trauma feels sticky, its probably not as obviously painful as a childhood wound but nevertheless can cause difficult relationship dynamics and stuck patterns that keep repeating and make no logical sense. A typical example of this might be a relationship that you know you need to leave but just can't seem to, even though you know its not good for you. If there is unresolved karma between two souls, it can feel like you are stuck together in a spider-like web of suffering! Working through this in a healing session and bringing the two souls involved to a place of peace, can bring the insight and resolution needed for you to both move forward more easily.

Another common past life issue I often deal with, is life times of persecution such as witch burning. This can manifest in someones life today as a deep fear of stepping into work as a herbalist or healer and a struggle to be as powerful in this work as they could be. Using the support of spirit helpers that soul part is updated into the present time, so the client can let go of the fears holding them back and express themselves and their desires in their current lifetime.

We inherit a huge amount of our way of being from our ancestors, most of this is highly beneficial information as our ancestors have moved through the process of evolution. However, sometimes damaging family patterns repeat from generation to generation, such as; violence, poverty, depression or just about anything else! Sometimes we can see that we are becoming just like our parents in ways we don't desire but feel powerless to change it. When we heal these patterns and stop them in their tracks, we offer up a whole new way of being for future generations. You could say that this is the ultimate result of all healing work, that as we heal, we clear the path for all those to come after us, whether we are related to them or not. One example of such patterning I see in my clinic, is women continuing their mothers and grandmothers way of self sacrifice and struggle, putting herself second to everyone else in her life and feeling exhausted and resentful. She has literally inherited this way of being a woman from her ancestors and is struggling to find a new healthy way of being. In these cases, I ask from spirit that this pattern end now, we can journey to find the ancestor where the pattern started and resolve it there and all the way through to the present time. I developed my essence 'Release and Receive' specifically to support a transformation in cases like this, so that women who overdo it can be open to receiving help from the universe in whatever form that help might come in.

The Shamanic model of healing is powerful and has been used by most ancient cultures all over the world. It has adapted and changed for our modern world and remains one of the most effective methods for long term change available today.

I'm offering sessions in Point Chevalier, Auckland or remotely via Skype and welcome your enquires to see if this might support your journey of transformation.

Blessings on your journey,


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