Integrated Intuitive


Blazing Eye

Trauma of any kind is stored in the body as an imprinted memory. Using Shamanic healing techniques and by accessing the Akashic records (the memory bank of your entire souls history) I support you in accessing these imprints and to clear anything no longer serving you, allowing you to move forward with clarity, purpose and understanding.  


Using this empowering process, I support you to connect with your higher self and together we work to resolve your most pressing concerns. I commonly support people to clear childhood, relationship, past life and ancestral traumas, bringing through new ways of being to move forward with ease.


For individuals wishing to develop their spiritual gifts, I offer sessions to support your confidence and skill in working with the spirit realms.

Aromatherapy Massage

Golden Crystals

As a qualified Aromatherapist I use the power of pure essential oils to create a therapeutic massage with energy healing that works on the body, mind and spirit.  

Essential oils are pure plant magic, being considered the life blood of a plant. Their main applications for the body are inhaling them to harmonise the mind and via massage, where they are absorbed into the blood stream to relax muscles and promote wellness.

After a clarifying consultation I create a custom blend of pure essential oils in a sweet almond oil base and deliver a full body massage with relaxing music. You will be given a custom chosen oil as an inhalation as well. I also incorporate crystals and flower essences to enhance and deepen the therapeutic benefits. 

Fresh herbal tea will be offered.

If you wish to discover more about essential oils or purchase your own click here.

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$80 per hour

Held at Rose Cottage Wellness Point Chevalier, Auckland
Free 20min discovery call