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Spiritual Counselling


60-120 minutes


We all have the answers within us but sometimes accessing this knowledge can be confusing and challenging. These sessions give you an audience with that still wise voice within, you are supported to listen to your deepest truth and the tools to act upon what you discover.

All of us can access the wise and all knowing voice of our higher self and soul but sometimes it can be really helpful to have someone who can support us during this process.

Tree Mystic offers Spiritual counselling online in New Zealand and in person from my clinic space in Point Chevalier. During these sessions I support you to discover the answers you seek and to give yourself the gift of transformational healing through showing you how to access and connect with that deep inner voice that is always there but sometimes we struggle to hear.

Using this empowering process that connects you to your higher self, together we work to resolve your most pressing concerns. I commonly support people to clear childhood, relationship, past life and ancestral traumas, bringing through new ways of being to move forward with ease.

For individuals wishing to develop their spiritual gifts, I offer spiritual counselling in New Zealand to support your confidence and skill in working with the spirit realms.

Book for a session today and start the journey toward vitality, clarity and harmony.

Session times vary and usually last 60-120 minutes. $110 per hour.

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