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Angelic Reiki


60 minutes


Angelic Reiki works by channeling healing energy from the angelic realm to help balance and harmonise the mind, body, and spirit. It can help to ease and resolve any emotional, mental or physical ailment in a safe, soothing and deeply relaxing way.

First we will have a clarifying consultation to get clear on your best intention for the session.

Then, once you are comfortably on the massage table you will simply relax while the high frequency energies are brought through and I am directed to place my hands either on or hovering above your body. Its a beautiful and deeply nourishing experience.

The energy that is channeled through Angelic Reiki is gentle, yet powerful, and can be experienced as a deep sense of peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation. I may also receive intuitive messages or guidance from the angels during the session, which can provide insight and clarity on specific issues or challenges.

Angelic Reiki can help with;

- Clearing negative thoughts and beliefs limiting you in your life

- Releasing stored emotions and trauma energy

- Physical pain and health conditions

- Renewing and revitalising the physical body at the cellular, molecular and DNA levels

- Clarity and resolution around difficult life situations

- Increased connection to your intuition, angels and spirit guides

- Awakening ancient healing knowledge and latent soul gifts and talents

- Increased feelings of unconditional love, support, calm and peace with the world.

Having worked as an energy healer for over 20 years, Angelic Reiki has made a huge difference to my ability to access higher frequencies and to support my clients to experience real and lasting change.

Some people get concerned that a remote session won't be as powerful but in my experience it makes no difference how far away the recipient is, the angelic energies flow equally regardless of time and space.

For that reason you can book either an in person Angelic Reiki in Auckland or an online Angelic Reiki Healing Session in NZ from anywhere in the world.

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