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Join the Reconnection Movement

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

As human beings, we look around this world we have created and think to ourselves consciously and unconsciously, ‘What have we done?’. There is so much suffering and much of our lives lack a certain meaning, if the truth be known, most of us have no idea what we are doing or what we are here for really.

I am not claiming to have the answers to these perplexing questions that life throws at us – I am however going to present you with a possible pathway to come home to yourself in a way where you may discover exactly what you are here for, for yourself and by yourself.

In case you haven’t thought about it recently, there is a giant planet that we live on called Earth. It was created some 4.5 billion years ago and in the time between and then and now – nothing, I repeat nothing has ever left it. Changed form yes, but apart from the odd astronaut and some satellites and maybe a probe on mars, nothing has ever left.

So given that basic premise – then you must, on one level or another be made from everything that ever existed on this planet? With me so far?

Ok – so lets consider your physical body. When you were a foetus your mother ate food – grown where? In the earth, or animals who ate what? Plants grown in the – you’ve got this, the earth. You keep your body alive by eating food as well, that is also grown in the earth or by animals who eat food that is grown in the earth. So you are by default – THE EARTH. Like no kidding literally the earth……yes you’ve changed form but thats what you are through and through. And with a further stretch, given that plants and animals need water and sunlight to survive, you are water and sunlight as well.

So – stick with me, we are about to get to a good bit. So if you’re feeling a little lost, perhaps anxious or depressed, it would make sense to turn to where you have come from. Perhaps the answers are so close, they can all too easily be overlooked. Outside of human thought, theories, concepts and ideas there is a world and I am going to take you there.

Just by being in nature, uninterrupted and contemplative you have begun the journey back to yourself. Our human mind is adapted to nature so deeply that looking at the fractal patterns (a visible regularity of form) of a leaf, flower or waves, is shown to reduce stress by as much as 60%.* We may have no idea how to get ahead in our job but our brain sure knows how to respond to the natural world.

We have lost our way and really there is only one way to find it – by reclaiming humanities place of total unity with this planet. It has never been any other way and yet, we have as a collective species been dreaming ourselves into a daze of separation. The struggles and suffering we see is hard evidence of a species who has lost their way. Like disobedient teenagers we have turned our back on our mother only to discover that we need her, we need her to make sense of ourselves.

And so, I encourage you, urge you even, for your own mental stability and happiness, to find a way to reconnect to the natural world around you. Go and sit in it, walk in it, play in it often. Make a garden, get some plants. Find teachers and mentors who can take you deeper into your reconnection journey. And if you start doing this often enough, I promise you after a time, your humanity will ignite! Can you imagine how endlessly fascinating the world becomes once you realise you exist in everything? And its so simple, its waiting for you just outside your window.

It is my belief that humanity is going through a renaissance – a remembering back to the ancient past and our vital connection to this planet. We will remember and we will use this knowledge blended with powerful technology to create a new paradigm of life for humans and all beings.

I would love to hear your questions and comments below. If you feel that working with me privately may be of service to your journey, please get in touch.

* Shinrin-Yoku, The Art and Science of Forest Bathing by Dr Qing Li. Based on studies carried out by Richard Taylor, Professor of Physics, Psychology and Art at the Materials Institute in Oregon.

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