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Transforming lives
with nature 


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Surrender to nature and discover the deep connection you have to all of life. 

Tree Mystic was created by New Zealand based Naturopath, Herbalist and Forest Therapy Guide, Hannah McQuilkan. Tree Mystic was born out of seeing a need for human beings to rediscover their connection to nature. For too long, we have seen ourselves as separate to the living world that we inhabit, causing mental, emotional and physical suffering. In turn, this disconnection has caused us to disrespect the Earth, causing untold environmental devastation. 

It is natural to protect what you love and so Tree Mystic seeks to foster a genuine love between humans and their Earth home. It's one thing to spend time in nature, it’s another thing entirely to realise that you are part of it now and always. So at Tree Mystic we seek to create a meaningful relationship, where human beings benefit from the wellbeing that comes from quality time in nature and nature benefits from humans who want to care for Her. 

Tree Mystic offers Forest Bathing Experiences, Celtic Earth Wisdom workshops and private healing sessions in Auckland and all over New Zealand.

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Our Story
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Forest Therapy

Before humans created ideas, concepts and labels about nature, there was just nature. It's always with us, surrounding us no matter where we are since time began.


Forest Therapy also known as Forest Bathing or Shinrin Yoku, takes us right back to this most simple and innate ways to know nature, being in it and exploring it using our senses. It's simple yet profound. Forest Therapy is the very best way that I have come across to create a deep and profound connection to the more than human world, even if you already spend a lot of time in nature.


As we move slowly through the forest you are invited to discover new sensory ways of relating that dissolve the gap between your human self and the world around you.

I am a certified Nature and Forest Therapy trained by The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT)I have led over 50 walks, making me one of the most experienced guides in New Zealand.


A Forest Therapy experience is generally 2-3 hours and starts with a sensory meditation and then flows into a series of simple yet powerful invitations that are designed to open up the senses to experiencing the natural world in a whole new way. Not only will you experience a deeper sense of connection to the more than human world but also to the people you share this experience with. We end with a tea ceremony of wildcrafted plants and wholesome snacks.


Tree Mystic organises regular scheduled group walks and can organise tailored Forest Therapy events for groups and organisations.




What people have said:

Pamela: USA
“A beautiful experience of communing with nature — right in the middle of the city — and noticing the beauty and magic that are always available if we just pay attention. Hannah provides the perfect guidance, as well as some healing tea and light snacks at the end. Highly recommend this gentle ‘adventure’ if you want to destress, reconnect with yourself, or just enjoy some deeply relaxing time in nature.”

Sarah: South Africa
“Thanks Hannah. We had a wonderful experience walking and talking to plants in the city forest. You gave us great insight into the secret life of these beautiful city dwellers. They have their own vibration and will gladly share their stories, if only we took the time to feel them and listen deeply. We got a lot of insight about the indigenous plants and animals of New Zealand along with guided meditation. Our journey ended with the comforts of a blanket and medicinal tea made with the leaves we collected in the forest.”

Anna: New Zealand
“A lovely way to reconnect with nature and appreciate the complex ecosystems we are a part of. The walk provides you with an opportunity to see details in nature often overlooked, as well as finding calm, reflection and gratitude within yourself.”

Getting There
The Stars

Celtic Earth Wisdom

Tree Mystic is the first place to come if you are interested in Celtic Spirituality in New Zealand.  

Celtic Earth Wisdom offers a pathway to reclaim your Celtic ancestral knowledge. Through workshops and courses you are shown a new way of living, thats new to you but infinitely ancient in origin.


As European peoples we have lost our vital connection to the land and the cultures connected to that land. How would it feel to have your own indigenous culture that you can claim? How would it feel to be able to honour the Earth without apology? How would it feel to have permission to follow the rhythms of nature and be released from modern day pressures and conformity? This ancient knowledge is waiting for you, come join me in discovering the magic world of Celtic Earth Wisdom.


When you claim your Celtic Earth Wisdom you take your place upon the earth in a powerful way. You are connected back to a time when your ancestors were deeply and profoundly connected to the Earth. Life becomes more magical as you recognise the sentience that surrounds you. You are nature, your spirit is wild and free and wants you to run into the forest, knowing you can’t get it wrong. You are a child of this Earth, your ancestors knew it and it’s time for you to own this once more.


Private Sessions

Hannah offers a selection of powerful healing modalities to support your wellness:

Angelic Reiki, Aroma Therapeutic Massage, Spiritual Counselling, Forest Bathing

Her private healing sessions are intuitive and powerful, working with Angelic energies and a profound ability to get the core of an issue, she will support you in discovering deeper clarity in your life and practical ways to move forward.

Hannah has been dedicated to personal growth for most of her life and understands the commitment it takes to break old patterns and create new ones.

She knows healing is possible, even when it seems impossible. You are your own greatest healer and she feels privileged to walk along side and support your journey.

3/12/22, 22/1, 19/2/23, Auckland Domain
11/12/22, 29/1, 5/2/23, Auckland Botanic Gardens
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