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Tree Mystic takes you on a journey to discover the mystical nature of trees, plants and the sensual living world. You discover yourself as a mystic, capable of creating a deep and profound connection with all of life.


In a time dominated by rational scientific enquiry, we have lost the magic of our hearts ability to feel, commune and relate to all beings who inhabit this wonderful planet we share.

The vision of Tree Mystic, founded by Hannah McQuilkan -  Naturopath, Medical herbalist, Healer and Shaman with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry, is to reawaken our ancient and inherent connectedness to life itself.

To do this Hannah uses Forest Therapy, Celtic based nature worship and other healing arts such as Integrated Energy Healing and flower essences. Hannah is a psychic intuitive who works with the unseen worlds in order to create peace on earth.


All of life is in communication with you all the time, will you listen?  


Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy is the very best way that I have come across to create a deep and profound connection to nature. As we move slowly through the forest you are invited to discover new sensory ways of relating that dissolve the gap between your human self and the world around you.

I am one of the few certified Nature and Forest Therapy guides in New Zealand trained by The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT)

Forest Therapy is the foundation of all Tree Mystic work and people are encouraged to have participated in a few sessions before engaging in some of the other practices.


A Forest Therapy experience is generally 2-3 hours and starts with a sensory meditation and then flows into a series of simple yet powerful invitations that are designed to open up the senses to experiencing the natural world in a whole new way. Not only will you experience a deeper sense of connection to the more than human world but also to the people you share this experience with. We end with a tea ceremony of wildcrafted plants and wholesome snacks.


Tree Mystic organises regular scheduled group walks and can organise tailored Forest Therapy events for groups and organisations.



What people have said:

Pamela: USA
“A beautiful experience of communing with nature — right in the middle of the city — and noticing the beauty and magic that are always available if we just pay attention. Hannah provides the perfect guidance, as well as some healing tea and light snacks at the end. Highly recommend this gentle ‘adventure’ if you want to destress, reconnect with yourself, or just enjoy some deeply relaxing time in nature.”

Sarah: South Africa
“Thanks Hannah. We had a wonderful experience walking and talking to plants in the city forest. You gave us great insight into the secret life of these beautiful city dwellers. They have their own vibration and will gladly share their stories, if only we took the time to feel them and listen deeply. We got a lot of insight about the indigenous plants and animals of New Zealand along with guided meditation. Our journey ended with the comforts of a blanket and medicinal tea made with the leaves we collected in the forest.”

Anna: New Zealand
“A lovely way to reconnect with nature and appreciate the complex ecosystems we are a part of. The walk provides you with an opportunity to see details in nature often overlooked, as well as finding calm, reflection and gratitude within yourself.”


Celtic Shamanism

All ancient peoples were nature worshipping peoples, believing that all aspects of the natural world were possessed of spirit. This knowledge lives on in your DNA, in your cellular memory and can never be taken away but only hidden behind screen and inside shopping malls.

To have a Celtic identity or ancestry, that is ties to the ancient peoples of England, Ireland and Scotland is to inherit a history, literature and mythology that is centred in our relationship to the earth and all her creatures.

In reclaiming this we not only honour our ancestors but reawaken our birth right of a sacred healing earth centred way of life.

The Rainbow Prophecy is told by several Native American groups and speaks to a time when all the different nations, cultures and races will come together and be united in a joint vision of reclaiming these ancient practices to save our planet.


notice all to often that those of us with European roots are quick to dismiss our heritage, lost as it is in the more recent destructions it has wrought. But we too are part of the Rainbow and required to play our part.

For that reason I am called to stand strong in my Celtic heritage and invite others who feel so called to rediscover these ancient practices so that we might stand tall once again and support our indigenous brothers and sisters in creating a planet founded upon peace.

Tree Mystic weaves ancient European sacred practices into all our events and offer celebrations and rituals throughout the year that reflect the Holy days of the Celtic calendar.



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